Poster Series

These posters needed to be bold enough to catch eyes, but subtle enough to tell a rich story. I pulled imagery from books, lyrics, films and stage plays to construct a visual library, and used traditional illustration, photoshop and indesign to build a visual narrative

A week turn around is fast, but I loved what happened when I was was pressed to do quick work. I was encouraged to lean into illustration, and started to see my personal style develop.

  • Timeline: 1 week per poster
  • Tools: Illustration, Photoshop, Indesign

Dracula Theater Poster

Dracula fought for the values and laws of men and god when he was alive. When his wife died, he turned his back on men and god and became a hunter. He learned how to live from the beasts the surrounded him, and took on their forms: a wolf and rat. I huge amount of time sketching and refining. I also did a lot of hand done type for the title, and played with gradients and color in Photoshop. This project was one where I started to trust my personal process and started to feel comfortable leaning into a personal style.

Van Halen Gig Poster

These dudes are gross boys. They live the life that 14 year old boys lust after. It’s reckless and irresponsible, but they were rich and famous so no one could tell them not to. This is imagining that the dangers they brushed off catching up with them. Live fast and dangerously, consequences exist. Nothing ends the party like waking up and realizing you got pregnant from listening to Van Halen live. This poster had lots of versions of hand lettering and color treatments.

7 Deadly Sins Poster

I was randomly assigned the sin of sloth for the subject of my poster. Type was not allowed, and the concept had to show through with just the illustration. I wanted to capture the insidious intent behind the distractions that temp people from being or staying productive. Displaying the ugliness of laziness, “Sloth is letting God’s gift rot on the vine”. I made a digital painting as a first draft, and had the opportunity to revisit it. On a second pass, I went over everything on a light table with micron pens, adding shadows and detail. I brought it into PS, refined lines, added texture and color.

Duende Libre & The Pazific

The Clock Out Lounge, Oct. 8th.

7 Deadly Sins: Envy

I participated in the poster show at Seattle Central as an alumni. I was assigned the sin of envy this time around.