Motion Reel

The 5th floor has an amazing professional photo studio that is full of all kinds of photo equipment. I saw this as an awesome chance to get familiar with another skillset. I wanted to get as much experience behind a camera as possible, and learn how to make things look convincing and beautiful. I was also given the opportunity to learn Cinema 4D. I had been wanting to get my hand dirty with learning some 3d software, and this was the perfect opportunity. I became obsessed and wanted to learn as much as possible in limited time. I also took the opportunity to experiment in VR. Over three months, Xio Lugo and I put together two experiences in Unity 3D using assets that we created and sourced from the Unity asset store. This is a sample of some of the things I helped produce over the last two years.

  • Timeline: Varied, no more than 3 weeks
  • Tools: Various cameras, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Unity 3D

Muybridge Horse

Water Test

Welcome To Seattle Central

Fish Out Of Water

Nyan Cat